Wednesday, March 2, 2016


While it's not easy for Calder to understand grammar rules, he's very happy to learn vocabulary, as I found out from our efforts on this assessment book (which I'd recommend for its clean layout and short exercises). Thanks to the internet, I'm able to show him pictures and videos of words new to him. In fact, I've taught him to do the google search himself. 


  1. Hi Brenda,

    I'm a mum of a boy with ASD too, he's now 5 and have just started to speak some real words :) May I know if you are home-schooling Calder now? I heard from several people that gaining entry into Pathlight school is rather though, my boy is now at Rainbow school but we aren't sure if he needs to transfer to another special school when he turns 7, as his current school focuses more on functional skills and less on academic skills. Hope to get your views, thks

  2. Hello Meimei,
    It's wonderful that your boy is beginning to talk. :) No, I'm not homeschooling Calder. He is happy in St Andrew's Autism School. But I enjoy teaching him because he looks so happy learning. I wanted to place him in Pathlight when he was 7 but it was a dream I had to give up. I have posted for you my experience during that stage of Calder's education journey (see article entitled Surrender!). Hope it answers your question.