Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Passed Away

Calder was typing his old journal into the computer. Once again, there was a mention of him making hamster bedding. Wondering if he understood the concept of death, I asked him, "Calder, where is the hamster?" He turned and pointed to where the hamster cage used to be. "But the hamster is not there," I contended. He looked at me with enquiry in his eyes. I explained, "The hamster died." "The hamster died," he repeated. Then I asked him, "Where is mama (his paternal granny)?" He replied, "Mama is passed away". 

"Passed  away" was the term I guided him to use when he wrote his journal on the day of Mama's cremation. I'm amazed he remembered. And it occured to me perhaps his sense of reality (or memory) is made of what he wrote in his journal.