Friday, June 23, 2017


Calder has learned to use the self-service check-out counters at supermarkets so I am expanding his shopping skills by  teaching him to use a shopping checklist. First type in the items Mommy needs, then find these food at the supermarket and check them off.

Monday, June 5, 2017


Today, Ethel had a school dental appointment. I brought along Calder's piano file so he could play piano at one of the pianos sitting around the school's common areas, while waiting for his sister.

Then it occurred to me - maybe I could ask the dentist to do a dental check on Calder as well. Because Calder cannot express himself well, we are always guessing the causes for his occasional bouts of moodiness. Would be good to rule out the possibility of toothache.

Thankfully, this dentist was flexible. Since the slots were empty after a girl after Ethel, she agreed to attend  to Calder without prior appointment. When I explained to Calder that he would be sitting on the dentist chair next, he looked - excited! He actually walked over to gaze at how the dentist worked on his sister's teeth. Grinning!

What a long way he has come. He was the boy who wouldn't sit on the dentist's chair. After years, when he finally did, he wouldn't open his mouth. When he finally allowed the dentist to peep into his mouth, he wouldn't keep it open. And when the dentist tried to use the electric tools on him, he wanted to jump out of the chair... Eventually we had to pay 2K to put him to sleep (anaesthesia) to fix all his cavities.

Last year, the dentist (a kind aunty) saw how jittery he was and just managed to smear some paste on his cavity before his mouth clamped shut.

Today, the dentist was a young lady who spoke gently and who patiently explained what she was doing to his teeth. To my delight, Calder sat calmly and kept his mouth open for the treatment. So the dental treatment this time round was a complete cleaning, not a hurried short-cut one. I noticed also, that Calder was finally able to gargle without wetting his shirt.

At 12, Calder has finally graduated from the school of dental treatment! God is so good! Mommy is proud of you, Calder!

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Day 1 of school holidays, I brought Ethel out for a long overdue haircut and lunch (Mommy's time). Granny came to babysit Calder. Thought Calder would be sad that he couldn't go out with us. Surely it would make him miss school to be cooped up at home. So I was expecting to come home to a sad boy. But I was wrong. When we returned home, he sprung up from the sofa and started bouncing around in excitement. He wasn't moody for not being included in our outing. He was happy we have returned home.