Saturday, April 9, 2022


Finally it's our turn to contract Covid. Hubby was the first. Seldom ill, he found himself down with flu but tested negative initially. 2 days later, Calder who had started blowing his nose, joined him in the isolation room. But keeping Calder hydrated meant he frequently needed to use the toilet and so he made many trips out of the room. He would also slip out to do his usual housekeeping like putting things back in place. He wanted to fill our water bottles too but was caught a few times. Soon it was clear that he's better in a room by himself because he was coughing all over Daddy. 

This time, Mommy was the primary person to keep an eye on him should he peep or slip out of the room. "Calder, you have a toilet in your room - you shouldn't need to come out anymore." "Calder, sick sick cannot come out - go and hide." Handphone games couldn't engage him for long and so he listened to music or just lie in bed. 

Not surprisingly, I started developing headache and a running nose. Ethel had been joking that if everyone else got Covid, she would have to be the isolated one. But she joined me to test positive 3 days after Calder. Now that the whole family was in the circus, Calder could finally step out of his room. What joy! Now Mommy could engage him in usual activities like piano practice and workouts. He could also hang the laundry and cut vegetables for dinner. 

I had stocked up the fridge when Daddy tested positive and enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing it deplete now that we couldn't leave the house. When we were left with ingredients for maybe two more meals, food arrived. On Friday morning, my sister hung a heavy bag of mee chiang kueh and prawn noodles at my door - settling our breakfast and lunch. Later in the day, a church friend left a big box of home cooked pork belly (braised with eggs, tau gua, tau pok, potatoes - cooked by her Mom-in-law) outside my door, and that settled dinner. In these ways, meals "magically" appeared on a day I was too busy to cook (I had Bible Study Fellowship leaders' online meeting in the morning and SIT Zoom teaching in the afternoon). Twice, the church friend had also sent a grocery bag of fruit, yogurt, Vitamin C etc. Truly God provides! 

During this period, I'm thankful for the rest from not needing to wake the children early for school. Thankful especially that Calder had been cheerful despite the changes in routine. Thankful also for a friend telling me about the option of going to a Covid test center - I brought both kids to the one at Hougang Central and there's no waiting involved at all. 

Now hubby is out and about and I have 3 more days of isolation. The sore throat is still there but I'm going to count my blessings and enjoy the comfort of family within the confines of my cosy home.