Friday, March 11, 2016


When he dashed off, I did not give chase immediately. I was busy keeping the wet umbrella in my bag. I thought he would be stalled by the gantry at the mrt station. But he dashed through when another passenger tapped her card. And ran for the lift. That's when I started running. Unfortunately, the lift door closed before I could get in. It was then that I heard the approaching train. What if he runs into the train? What if I can't catch up in time? In that split second, my whole head of hair could have turned white. I headed for the escalator and ran up to the platform. He was sitting at the usual place. The train that had just left was heading for the wrong direction, not the direction home. That's why he didn't get in. Thank God.

I took his hand and gave it a hard slap. "Calder, wait for Mommy. When you go into a lift, must hold Mummy's hand, ok?" He said ok but seriously I have no idea if he understood. The next time he went into a lift by himself, I made him come out and go in again holding my hand.

He is my six-year-boy who has autism.          (from my journal dated 26 Jan 2011)

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