Thursday, July 25, 2019

Washing machine

In the bedroom, I read a library book with Calder. (What this means is that we took turns to read a sentence each.) After that, I asked Calder to help me check how much time the washing machine had left before the laundry was ready. He went into the kitchen, stood before the washing machine and made some sounds that I figured must be the timing. Then he came back into the bedroom, but did not report to me. I asked him, "So how much time is left for the  washing machine?" He went back into the kitchen and did the same thing again. Wishing to know if we could start hanging the laundry together, I persisted, "How much time left?" He was going to return to the kitchen a third time! I realised that Calder did not know I couldn't hear him from the bedroom. Are we talking about theory of mind here - he couldn't grasp that my perspective and experience is different from his?

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