Monday, July 15, 2019


The Huawei Partea giveaway has finally ended, and I tried three flavours of their tea:
1. Rose Pu'er Fruit Tea
2. Mango Green Tea with cream and white pearls (my favourite)
3. Sijichun Fruit Tea with coconut jelly 
When Ethel got to know about the giveaway, she was so keen we decided to collect the last cup yesterday:
4. Gaoshan Oolong Fruit Tea with aloe vera
Alas the queue was so long at Waterway Point it took more than an hour before we could place our order. Meanwhile, Ethel decided to sit on the floor to do her PSLE assessment book while Calder parked himself beside the lift. Order placed but there were many customers before our turn to collect the tea, so I brought the kids for lunch first. The kids were barely seated when Ethel came to me (I was at the counter viewing the menu) and succinctly communicated: "Pack and go, Mommy." It seemed Calder had knocked his elbow against the table and emitted a very loud "gok gok", in such an upset tone as to signal evacuation. I was not surprised - it had been a long wait in a noisy place and he's probably hungry as well. So I packed chicken pies for the kids and let them eat the pies (better feed the hungry bear asap) while I went to collect our tea. The next thing I knew, Calder had spilled his chicken filling on the floor (at home, I let him eat pies with a plate underneath his chin - no such facility eating on the go). While I was making sure there's no more spillage, Ethel did something that warmed my heart.
Ethel: Mommy, do you have a tissue for me to pick up the chicken on the floor?
My dear, thank you for joining me to care for and clean up after Calder whom we love.

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