Saturday, April 16, 2016


Last week, it began to rain when we were about to set off to buy lunch. Do I walk Calder under my umbrella? But one of us would get wet. I decided to teach him to use an umbrella. A full-length umbrella is easy to use - just press a lever to open and pull the umbrella close. But Calder needed to be instructed what to do with that umbrella. Holding it by the hook, for instance, and putting it right above his head. It's amusing to see him happily skipping off with that umbrella and holding it Mary-Poppin style (high above his head).

Today I decided to let him use a foldable umbrella for the sunny walk from Caldecott MRT station to RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association). Many more steps involved - Release the strap, pull to extend shaft, push beyond the spring to open canopy. To close - pull to retract canopy, bump handle to retract shaft, wound the fabric around the strap, stick the velcro together to keep umbrella compact.  Definitely need more practice. I'm going to keep this umbrella in his bag for frequent use.

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