Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Sometimes, I'll ask Calder to help me hang the laundry. It looks simple but involves repeated demonstration and simplified instructions.

For a top, like T-shirt:

1. Hold the shoulders.
2. Flick flick flick!
3. Put over the wire.
4. Stretch!

For bottoms
1. Hold the waist...

I wish I can leave him with the laundry. But he is easily distracted and may end up fiddling with a pen from the study table (which is right beside the laundry rack). Or disappear into one of the bedrooms without having finished the chore. However, on the occasions when he could focus, he would even go to the washing machine to check if there're more clothes for hanging. Quite some way to go but I'm not giving up. After all, reliable laundry help is surely something to look forward to!

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