Monday, March 19, 2018


Yesterday, I brought Calder along for vocal training in preparation for an upcoming Easter performance. Usually I would ask him to select a heavy chair among those stacked up. This is to discourage him from rocking the chair on which he sits.

The training lasts two hours. I have tried occupying him by letting him play games on my handphone (word search, bowling) but he's so reliant on prompting he lets the phone enter sleep mode most of the time.

Last week, I brought along a fidget spinner for him to fiddle with but it didn't seem to interest him for long. But he waited patiently and I conveniently assumed he's "absorbing" the music he's hearing (a safe assumption because he always looks very happy when I practise the same songs at home).

This week, the performers had to practise stage movements so we seat him where the audience should be - facing us.

After a while, I noticed that Calder's face was no longer visible. I could only see his hair. He had hung his head so low I thought he had fallen asleep. But he was awake,  obediently seated but not comfortable facing us.

I never knew my son has this level of difficulty with eye contact.


  1. And sweet one, you took away his coping strategy (rocking). A few things to ponder here I suspect.

  2. Oh I thought I was protecting him from a fall. Thanks, Dena.