Sunday, October 8, 2017

Piano Therapy

Strangely, Calder began to look morose towards the end of lunch today.

Me: How are you feeling, Calder?
Calder: Sad.
Me: Why are you sad?
Calder: (no answer)
Me: Because?
Calder: Because.

Then he started crying! And continued crying when showering.

Is it because someone gave him rice cake with chilli this morning, not knowing he does not eat spicy food, and he ate it up before I could help him change the food?

Is it because I took too long queuing to buy chicken rice for lunch?

Is it because the wall fan is missing from the bedroom?

Discomfort from some adolescent hormonal surge?

Or he's falling ill?

Because Calder cannot express himself, looks like it's going to be another mystery never to be solved.

Since showering didn't help, I decided to let Calder play the piano.

So he played one song after another until he stopped crying and looked calm again.

And smiled.

- 35 mins of "piano therapy".

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