Friday, November 18, 2016

Rain Man

Since Ethel has finished reading "Come into My World : 31 Stories of Autism in Singapore ",  I thought perhaps we can watch together the classic movie Rain Man. She decined "because movies about autism are always very sad" (she came to that conclusion from watching Jet Li's 海洋公园). I don't remember Rain Man being sad, so Ethel said she'd give it a try. But we saw on the video box the rating - NC16 (not suitable for kids below 16) so hubby and I ended up watching it after the children have gone to bed. Oh how I identify with Tom's exasperation having to give in to Dustin's habits despite ill logic and great inconvenience. Right now Calder is insisting that we watch him in order for him to finish any task. We even have to fetch him from the toilet. Watching Rain Man made me wonder - perhaps Calder is as powerless to change his system as Dustin. And so I become more patient with him. At the back of my mind, unfortunately, linger misgivings whether giving in isn't encouraging bad habits. It's a big dilemma I believe many parents face - to be kind or to be firm. Ethel would enjoy Dustin's performance, I thought. But when I reached the end of the movie, I came to the conclusion - no, I shan't let her watch this movie. Because I don't want her to think the final and best solution is to put her brother in an institution.

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