Thursday, August 8, 2019

Weekly Schedule Board

Calder was on the way from the kitchen toilet to the living room when he stopped in his tracks. And looked with great interest at the kitchen wall. He had spotted the weekly schedule board that I just revived. As Calder became more flexible with age, I had stopped signalling on the schedule board his programs for the week. As a result,  he depended on what I told him to know what to expect for the day itself. (And sometimes we forget to inform him of changes in routine, which no doubt contributed to his irritability on those days.)  His apparent pleasure reading the revived board, however, revealed just how much predictability in the form of advance notice gives him comfort and security. I would start teaching again in September, and figured he would want to know when Mommy wouldn't be home when he comes back from school. Oh, how precious the gleeful glint in his eyes over the revived schedule board. Looks like I've done the good right thing there.

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