Thursday, August 15, 2019


A few weeks ago, Calder was on a long bus ride with me when he suddenly announced, "Urgent." My heart took a leap - it's the first time he'd verbalized his needs so clearly. In my excitement, I responded, "Oh, you're urgent. Good talking! We will be reaching soon, then you can use the toilet. Wait a while more, ok?"

Two days ago, while at the bowling alley, he leaned towards me, sought my eyes (this time unmistakably addressing me) and drawled, "Hungry." Fireworks went off in my head! And most enthusiastically, I gave him the yogurt biscuits in my bag.

Later, I wondered: Is it such a big deal - to be able to say these two words? I told my mom about "hungry" and immediately she exclaimed, "Wah, first time!"

Yup, definitely a cause for celebration.

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