Saturday, August 10, 2019


Calder ate yogurt and an organic apple (skin on), and left the kitchen. I didn't see him in the living room nor bedroom and was wondering where he'd gone when I spotted him loitering in the bedroom toilet.

Me: What are you doing, Calder?
Calder: Flossing. Food stuck in the teeth.


What a breakthrough - the initiative, and the understanding of the function of flossing.

Hitherto he had only flossed at bedtime. To think that he can break a routine to achieve a purpose - the potential is exhilarating.

These few days, I had been consciously verbalising reasons behind things we do, thanks to an article on improving the problem-solving skills of autistic children. So the night before, when Calder was flossing at bedtime, I explained why he had to visit every gap - to dislodge all the food in between the teeth.

I feel like a tape recorder sometimes, going on with such running commentaries, especially since Calder doesn't reply.

But looks like it's worth the effort.

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