Monday, August 12, 2019


Calder likes to eat many fruits. Orange is one of them, so I figured I should teach him how to peel one. I sliced the orange skin with a ring peeler, and passed the orange to him together with a plate. So he peeled the orange and left the skin on the plate as he ate them slice by slice. Then I thought I should teach him how to slice the orange. So I passed him the ring slicer and taught him to glide three circles around the orange. Then I thought I should let him take the plate and the slicer himself. Now I just have to pass him an orange and sit down to watch him:

1. Wash orange.
2. Take plate.
3. Take slicer.
4. Remove any sticker from orange.
5. Slice 3 circles around the orange.
6. Peel off the orange skin.
7. Detach the slices and eats them one by one.
8. Pour away the orange skin.
9. Wash the plate.
10. Put the plate back on the rack.
11. Rinse the ring peeler.
12. Put the ring peeler back on the hook.

Next time, I'll ask him to take an orange from the fridge himself.

And maybe the next next time, I won't be in the kitchen when he eats his orange.

Letting go a step at a time.

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