Monday, April 24, 2017


A year ago, in honour of World Autism Awareness, I went up the stage of Yio Chu Kang Chapel to share my experience as Calder's Mom. Then I started bringing Calder to this English service with me (his sister attends Chinese Sunday School which runs concurrently).

To my delight, Calder would bounce and move to the music and raise his hand in tandem with the worship leader's. Worship is obviously his most favourite part of the service. And to my consolation, he was able to stay seated on the pew for slightly more than an hour, although he might slide left and right, front and back, and turn around to gaze at other people.

Around this time, a retiree from this English congregation started looking for Calder to give him a box of Ricola candy every Sunday, right before the service. Then it became a pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolate that Calder could share with his sister and her good friend. This uncle heard that Calder is learning bowling, so he downloaded a bowling game and would let Calder play bowling on his hand phone at the breakfast table. Recently this uncle started inviting us to join his wife and him for lunch, on the Sundays he couldn't book a court for his weekly badminton games.

So yesterday, Calder and Ethel and I joined the couple for lunch at a Thai eatery opposite our church. Calder got to eat his favourite food (fried rice and chicken wings) and drink his favourite beverage (avocado milkshake). Ethel enjoyed her favourite vegetable (non-spicy Kang Kong) and mango sticky rice and brought home a pack of her favourite fruit (jackfruit) for which the uncle hunted around after lunch.

As for me, the deepest gratification was hearing...

Uncle: Calder, are you happy?
Calder: Yes!
Uncle: When Calder is happy, Uncle Leong is also happy.

God is so good.

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