Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pool Shower Steps

A few weeks ago, Calder was sent to Bedok Swimming Complex for training. Alas! That pool does not have handicap toilet and both teacher-in-charge and I are female. In the end, I brought him into the female bathroom to the chagrin of a teacher guarding her Primary school girls (I assured her Calder would stay behind the door). That made me think - by hook or by crook, I must teach Calder to shower by himself in public bathroom. So I found  hotel shampoo in a click container (instead of screw bottle which is a real challenge to close without spilling shampoo already poured onto palm) and trained Calder to use that at home. After a week, he is finally able to bathe without supervision! Hallelujah! Today, I printed simple steps and laminated the small A6 card to help him remember how to shower in a pool bathroom.

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