Thursday, April 18, 2019

Type 2

A friend suggested letting Calder type his journal, so that's what I started doing, in addition to his weekly typing of memory verse/s. To cut down the amount of work, I get him to type his past journals. It turned out to be something he enjoys, because he wrote those journals, and he has always liked reminiscing. I realised that starting this seemingly simple project is really introducing a whole new set of skills.

He learned:
1. How to use the Shift key to make capital letters.
2. Where punctuation marks like comma and full-stop are located.
3. How to use space-bar to separate words.
4. How to use Backspace to cancel an entry.
5. How to move to next line using Enter key.
6. How to move the mouse to put the cursor where it's needed.
7. How to left-click to open a new word document...

Skills that we take for granted. And I'm thinking perhaps somewhere in the future, there's a quiet office where he can work, keying words one at a time. Because he would be confused by noise and intentions at a cafe, and gardening would be too hot. I wish there are more job options for autistic persons in Singapore, jobs that

1. Require minimal verbal communication.
2. Are repetitive yet progressive (potential to learn new things).
3. Are set in calm environment (not noisy or hot or urgent).

Is this ever possible?

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