Monday, December 17, 2018

Gold Coast Day 1

26 Nov 2018

We stayed at Novetel for 2 nights. Arrived early (around 11am) and were very glad to hear that our room was ready (usual check-in: 2pm). We were assigned the 26th level and ooh and aah over the lovely view. First thing on our mind was to stock the fridge with edibles from the adjacent supermarket (Woolworths). Chocolate milk! Yogurt! Peaches! We also bought a roast chicken to eat with bread for an easy (and cheap) lunch.

After a nap (the kids stayed awake), we sauntered over to the beach. The sand was so fine. Ethel took off her slippers immediately. Calder, however, was afraid to walk barefooted and kept pointing to black stuff on the beach, asking "what is this?" and pronouncing them to be "sai sai (shit)!" (they were washed up black twigs and branches). But once he stepped into the waters, he was fearless approaching the waves. We had to constantly call him back because we were afraid we would lose him to the strong ocean.

Since we had bread for lunch, I decided to look for rice for dinner. The concierge recommended a Thai eatery nearby which led us to the most expensive fried rice we had ever bought - $15.50 for a small box of seafood fried rice. The box of beef Phad Thai cost $15.50 too. The kids also enjoyed an apple and a blueberry danish bought from a bakery (I love to check out bakeries when overseas).

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