Monday, July 29, 2019


When Calder came home from school, I saw he was holding something in his hand.
Me: What are you holding?
Calder: Tissue.
Me: Who gave you the tissue?
Calder: Mr Thomas (his teacher).
Me: Why did Mr Thomas give you tissue?
Calder: Because I cried.
Me: Why did you cry?
Calder: Because he is so sad (he got the pronouns mixed-up).
Me: Why was Calder sad?
Calder: Because I kick my leg. I shouted. I screamed.
Me: Did you throw tantrum?
Calder: Yes.
Me: Why were you upset?
Calder: (silent)
Me: What was the problem?
Calder: No.
Me: Did you go for outing today?
Calder: Yes.
Me: Were you upset because it was too hot, or too noisy? Or were you hungry, or did somebody scold you?
Calder: It was too hot.

But when I checked with his teachers, I was told there was no tantrum - in fact he was very cooperative at the outing to the eco-garden at Tampines Hub. So I tried to clarify...

Me: Who gave you the tissue? Is it the bus driver or Teacher Thomas or bus aunty?
Calder: Bus aunty.

Problem with this form of clarification is you don't know if the multiple choices include the right answer.

So had Calder thrown a tantrum or did he spin a tale to satisfy questions?

- Another mystery of our life.

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