Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Books for Mei

During June, Ethel had to return to school for supplementary lessons (Primary 6). Ambitious to bring back all her school books at one go, she packed them into two bags. As expected, she forgot to take one. I saw that the bag contained books she would need for the day's lessons, so decided to bring them to her. Calder and I took two buses to reach Ethel's school. At the gate, I told the security guard my intention to pass Ethel her books. He looked at Calder and I figured he's wondering why a simple errand needed two persons. "He's autistic, so I cannot leave him at the gate," I explained. The guard must have understood, because immediately he nodded his head and earnestly waved us in. Stepping onto familiar ground (Calder had been to his sister's school a few times), Calder was so excited he broke into a run along the sheltered linkway and disappeared into the building. Would I be able to find him, I wondered. When I entered the school, I saw a teacher and another security guard with Calder. It's apparent that they had tried questioning Calder to no avail. I explained why he couldn't answer their questions, and passed the teacher Ethel's books. Before we left, I prompted Calder to "bye bye, teacher". The teacher raised her hand to wave goodbye and received in return Calder's mighty slap. She exclaimed, "Wow, that's the best high-5 I've ever received!" 

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