Monday, May 13, 2019

Mommy Day

Memorable conversation yesterday.

Hubby: What day is it today?
Calder: Sunday.
Hubby: Is it Mother's Day or Father's Day?
Calder: Father's Day... (silence means wrong - try again) Mother's Day.
Hubby: Yes, it's Mother's Day. Who is your mother?
Calder: God (?! )
Hubby: Where is your mother?
Calder: In China (?!)
Hubby: What is your mother's name?
Calder: Calder.
Me: "Mother" is the same as "Mommy". What is your Mommy's name?
Calder: Brenda!
Me: Where is your Mommy?
Calder: (points to me)
Hubby: So today is Mommy Day.

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