Tuesday, May 21, 2019


On the way to bowling training, Calder was walking ahead of me as usual. When I caught up with him, I saw that an old lady had stopped in her tracks.

"Did he bump into you?" I asked her.

"Yes! And he didn't even look at me. He just went to press the lift button after that!" The old aunty complained in Hokkien.

"Calder, say sorry!"


Aunty was still looking very indignant, so I explained, "I'm sorry; he has zi-bi-zheng (autism)."

To my relief, aunty understood immediately, "Oh sorry sorry, I didn't know" and she started giving him flying kisses.

What a cute aunty. "It's ok," I put my left arm around her.

She smiled and elaborated, "I'm 90+; I cannot fall down."

When we were about to part ways, she cheerfully put up her hand and wave goodbye to Calder.

To Calder, a raised hand is an invitation to a hi-5 which he would put all his might into, so I quickly stopped him before he could advance towards her to give her that formidable smack that no doubt would topple her.

And so we averted a tragedy that really seems a comedy (heart-warming one too) in retrospect. 😉

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