Wednesday, August 29, 2018


It started with the 10-year-old  nephew whom I babysit. Isaac likes to help in the kitchen so I taught him to peel carrots. From carrots, it naturally moved to peeling apples. It occurred to me - hey, my own children should learn this too! 11-year-old Ethel was so fearful she put the apple on the plate instead of holding it while peeling. But she progressed and was happy to no longer need Mommy when she wants to eat an apple. Alas so soon, I heard her distress that she had peeled her own finger! "Ooo, my darling got cut peeling apple," I crooned, "grow up already." As for 13-year-old Calder, he was fearless with the peeler, which made it more frightening for me. No mishap so far, hence I decided to let him try cutting his own nails. As expected, the nails were anyhow clipped and went flying everywhere but it's a good start. Unfortunately, this is not something can be practised frequently (nails take time to grow), unless we allow him to cut our nails too. Ummm let's not think about that for now.

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