Friday, August 10, 2018

C is for Calder

It being a school holiday, I brought the kids (Calder, Ethel and their cousin Isaac) to Changi Airport for lunch. On the long bus ride home, Ethel and Isaac wanted to play word game and we decided to let Calder try. In this game, someone starts with a word and the next person thinks of another word starting with the previous word's last letter. Calder didn't understand what "last letter" means but could contribute (given time) if we prompted him with the beginning letter. His entries were surprising. "C" is for "calculator" (we were so impressed he knew what's a calculator), "C" is for "Camp of the Gypsies" (that's his piano piece), "C" is for "cannot" (looks like our admonishments e.g. "Cannot poke mei mei's eyes", "Cannot clap hands when people are sleeping", "Cannot bump bump people" etc. have made an impression). Others unexpected entries included "P for person", "O for Ostrich", "S for Serangoon". His sister pronounced him to be actually a genius, while I mused: What an interesting child God has given me.

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