Saturday, September 10, 2016


Today I saw Calder lightly pushing his toy train on the floor and decided to test his knowledge of the MRT route (complete with sound effects). Sure enough, he could tell me that the MRT goes from Kovan to Hougang to Buangkok to Sengkang. Then I took 2 figurines (including Kevin the minion) and decided to let them get off the train to explore the vicinity. And I asked Calder where we can eat at these places, what we can buy. Amazing details came out like Passion fruit frozen yogurt from KFC,  almond coffee cake from Kovan. He even remembered Soup Restaurant at Hougang which we hardly eat at. Is this speech therapy or what?


  1. Hi Brenda, really happy to read about this :) Its very encouraging to know that our children with autism are able to develop self-care skills, am sure you don't have to worry about him ever losing his way :)

  2. Hi Mei Mei, it's a long way to independence but we learn to let go bit by bit.