Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Something strange is happening to Calder who turns 12 this Nov. As he enters adolescence, he loses his need for routine. Unfortunately he swings to the other extreme - he does not take the next step without instruction. I have to tell him to gargle after brushing his teeth, then nod at him to indicate now he can wipe his face etc. Otherwise he gets stuck in the toilet. Once, 9-year-old Ethel timed him to see how long he'd remain in the toilet (yes he even waits for us to tell him to wash hands and to exit from the toilet). After 19 minutes, we couldn't take it anymore and started talking about delicious chicken wings to lure him out! Calder used to be our most reliable janitor making sure unused appliances were turned off, picking up used clothes to put in the laundry basket etc. These disappeared with a puff some two weeks ago and we are left with a robot often frozen mid-task. This calls for patient endurance. May God have mercy on us.

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