Saturday, March 26, 2022


I signed up for a workshop at Calder's school and decided to try a different bus route that uses a park lane instead of main road. When Calder and I arrived at the bus stop, I took out my phone to use the map. I was tilting my phone this way and that to get the right orientation. Then I got an idea. I asked, "Calder, do you know how to get to St Andrew's School?" He looked at me and lifted his finger. "Do we turn left or right?" I checked. His finger pointed left. I got up. "Take me to your school, Calder." I followed him down the park lane. Then he stopped, waited while I caught up, and turned into a small road. In less than 10 min, he'd led me to destination. (I realised it's most likely the route his class took when they went for outings by public bus.) As someone with an awful sense of direction, I'm beginning to think maybe I won't get lost again if I ask Calder to lead the way. 

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