Thursday, November 7, 2019


"Justus," Calder mumbled. 
Curious why he would think of this classmate, I asked, "What did Justus do?"
"No," Calder replied, "I don't know."
"Who is Justus?" I asked.
"Justus is absent. Justus is present."
"Who is Justus?" I persevered.
"God." (His favourite answer to the bedtime Bible story questions)
"Justus is God?!" I challenged.
"Yes" (Another favourite answer.)
So I decided to demonstrate:
"Justus is my classmate."
Automatically, Calder repeated after me: "Justus is my classmate."
"Who is Justus?" I asked again.
"Justus is my classmate." 
"Correct! Who is Brenda?" I ventured.
"Brenda is my classmate."
"Brenda is my - church."
I pointed at myself.
And he tried again:
"Brenda is - Mommy!"

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