Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lotus Pao

Calder has been buying food from his school canteen.

Me: What did you eat in school today?
Calder: Lotus pao.

But when I was packing his bag for the next day, I found the lotus pao uneaten in his snack bag.

No wonder he ate his lunch so fast after school - he was hungry for not having eaten his snack.

Why was the lotus pao bought but uneaten?

I figured he had entered the state of paralysis again, not able to do what he wants until prompted. And nobody noticed him not eating the food he bought.

No wonder he had that something-is-not-right look on his face. Something had been left undone.

When Calder is in this strange state of discontent, he would avoid eye contact, to the extent of turning whole body away from people.

What do we do?

We enter twilight zone and wait for him to return.


  1. Dear Brenda, I am in a similar situation as you are. May I know which school does Calder attend?

  2. He is with St Andrew's Autism School.