Friday, September 22, 2017

Where is Calder?

Hubby and I found we could track Calder easily using an old handphone. Here's how:

1. Get a 3G/4G android handphone.
2. Get a prepaid/postpaid data card.
3. Set up a Gmail account. Register this account to your kid's handphone.
4. Turn GPS on for your kid's handphone.
5. Download the app "Find my device" on your own handphone.
6. Sign in as guest and key in the Gmail address and password.

>>The map will zoom to where the handphone is.
>> The app also indicates the battery power left in the handphone, so you know when to charge it again.

*You can tap "PLAY SOUND" to get your kid's handphone to ring even it is in silent mode.

*Do not tap "ERASE" unless you want to clean up all the data in that phone.

For more information, click "Help & Feedback" on the 3-dot menu of the app.

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