Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Manual for Missing Child

What you can do when your child is lost:

A. Report police by going to a police post or calling 1800-2550000. Police will ask for your child's height and weight so have these info updated and on hand. The police will also ask if you'd like to publicise the search on their social media platforms so decide this between spouse and you ahead of time.

B. Find a clear picture of your child (on handphone?) and use it to ask people in the vicinity of they have seen your child.

C. Disseminate the picture to family members, friends or neighbours who can help search, indicating clearly: 

1. What your child is wearing.
2. Where your child was last seen.
3. Your child's favourite places.
4. Your contact number.

C. Use social media to expand the search party. You may use this template to post on Facebook, together with a clear picture of your child:

My (age)-year-old (son/daughter) is lost. (Special condition, e.g. He has autism and cannot speak well.) Last seen at (venue) around (time). Wearing (description of clothes and bag if any). (He/she) likes (favourite places). If you see (him/her), please stay with (him/her) and contact me at (phone number). Please do not call me otherwise.

D. If you suspect your child of having taken public transport, report missing child with SBS Transit by going to the control room of either MRT station or bus interchange.

E. Have someone at home with door open in case your child makes his or her way home.

Some ways to make it easier for your child to be found:

A. Take a clear picture of your child before bringing him or her out, especially to crowded locations. That way, you have ready picture with child in current clothes should your child be lost.

B. Attach your contact particulars to your child. This can be in the form of information tag hung over the neck or placed in his or her bag. For durability, you can consider a dog tag with telephone number engraved, worn as necklace or tied by shoelaces to shoes.

C. Have your child memorise your contact number.

D. Have your child carry a tracking device so you can use GPS to locate him or her.

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  1. Yup agree, there's a GPS watch which the child can wear, also suitable for elderly family members at risk of dementia and wandering around