Monday, January 30, 2017


Calder used to be our most reliable janitor. He would turn off lights and fans when not in use. He would pick up used clothes to put in the laundry basket. I could also entrust him to hang the laundry on the clothes rack. He was so thorough he would check the washing machine to see if there were remaining damp clothes for hanging. So thorough he wanted to use every clip on the round clip hangers (I had to assure him it's ok to leave some clips empty; socks and undies are ok but the shirt is too big to be clipped up). Then adolescence set in (some time in second half of 2016) and he lost his initiative. He would not do anything unless instructed and repeatedly instructed too. If I pass him a pile of damp laundry, he would hold on to an item and linger at the clothes rack, waiting for reminders to get the task done. He allowed himself to be distracted by windows and mirrors. And if unsupervised, there would just be one item on the clothes rack when I come to check later. In the mornings, he could leave his fan spinning while he stepped out of his bedroom. Previously he had to wait until the fan stopped spinning. And he no longer picked up the clothes that his sister left on the floor. It was so tiresome to get him to complete tasks that I stopped asking him to help. But oh, how I mourn the loss of our janitor!  Three days ago, I flippantly asked him to hang the clothes. To my surprise, he did not disappear after hanging one item. He stayed at the clothes rack and actually completed the task very deftly. Yesterday I tried again and once again he got the task done. Today is the third try, and now I can confirm that our janitor has returned. Praise the Lord!

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