Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Calder is Autistic


Autism is characterised by three main traits:  
1. Problem in communication
2. Problem in social interaction 
3. Craving for sameness (repetition, routine)

Calder was diagnosed with moderate autism at the age of 3.
At 3 years of age,

1. Calder didn't talk; didn't even respond to his name. 
2. He was often by himself and didn't seem to care for friends.
3. If you give him a toy car, he would turn it over to spin the wheels. He loved to open and close doors, and insisted on taking the same routes.

Calder is now 8 years old.

1. The other day, I asked him: "What is Calder doing?" He said "doing".
2. He doesn't realise it's not normal to go around smelling people's hair.
3. When he eats bread, it must be kaya bread followed by chocolate bread.

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